Calligraphy Workshop

I had an amazing time teaching a Copperplate Calligraphy workshop a couple of weeks ago in Berlin for MAKE! Skilled Hands. We primarily focused on copperplate calligraphy, but also experimented with ruling, folded and cola pens too. Filmmaker Ellen Czaya did a great job filming and editing the following documentary.

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Join me and co-curator Dana Heffern for the opening reception of Rucksack, a group exhibition that dismantles gender and racial stereotypes, at Burlington College in Burlington Vermont on Thursday August 28, 2014 from 4pm-7pm.


All American Grit at Go Media

This spring I was honored to letter a pack called All American Grit for Go Media, a Cleveland, Ohio-based studio that offers great design for web, branding and print. Go Media are also the presenters of Weapons of Mass Creation, a 3-day festival in Cleveland of insightful talks, workshops and performances by and for creatives.

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Part of the All American Grit Lettering Pack

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Here’s a little bit more info about the pack and my process:

“This lettering pack is all-American! It includes words that we associate with America’s strong work ethics and American-made pride. During my recent travels to Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria I encountered some people’s opinions about American-made products and the general impression was that American-made is usually equated with ‘well-made’.

As a calligrapher I mainly engage in non-modified lettering, where the first go is the only go for a word, sentence, paragraph or page. And if it doesn’t come out the way I intended I either accept the results or do it over. The lack of editing has helped me to relax and embrace a certain flow when I letter.

The tools I used for this pack include the Japanese-made pointed pen Nikko G nib (originally designed for Anime artists), German-made Haff ruling pen (originally an architectural tool) , homemade cola pen (yes, the writing tip is made out of a small piece of a Coca Cola can), various square edge brushes and the beloved American-made Sharpie.”





the Letters of March

Many thanks to The Gallery at Burlington College for having me as their March virtual artist on their online gallery. It was so much fun to document some random and some not-so-random lettering. A special thanks to Burlington College’s curator and Chair of Visual Arts, Dana Heffern for all the support and guidance! And now to enjoy the  Águas de Março.


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